TOP JOUR & NUIT Berlingot
TOP JOUR & NUIT Berlingot

TOP DAY & NIGHT Berlingot

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A chameleon top, you will wear it day or night. Beautiful night or beautiful day, it's up to you to seize the opportunity ... 

Product details: 

  • Wide gathered straps
  • Small hips length
  • Adjustable straps with 2 small buttons
  • Chest darts for shaping the chest 
  • Interview : Prefer ventilation and pressing occasionally. 
  • composition: 100% cotton canvas. 
  • Origin: Vintage fabric heathered and bought at Relais. Made in France, confection made in an integration workshop in Marseille, Roubaix and Paris.

Why keep this adorable Top at home?  

It will go wonderfully with jeans, an A-line skirt, high waisted pants like the Krabe or the Kipants.
And for the night, he has his sidekick, the shorts in the same cuddly material!

This creation made it possible to erase approximately 4,8 Kg of carbon (Kg eqCO2). The reuse of existing materials (upcycling) makes it possible to avoid the production of new materials and thus produce a CO2 removal effect. By falling for this upcycled product, you are participating in responsible fashion. We explain everything to you here !