KOMBI DANDY Rayures argentées
KOMBI DANDY Rayures argentées

KOMBI DANDY Silver stripes

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"The Kombi is allure or comfort, the Kombi Dandy takes up the challenge" ADW - RECOVERABLES 

  • Slim fit
  • Snap buttons
  • Invisible zip
  • Hollow pleats in the back

In short, this jumpsuit for women is perfect for being chic in blue.

We like: recycling scrap fabrics for ethical and trendy fashion upcycling.

  • Care instructions : Prefer ventilation and pressing occasionally.
  • Composition : 65% Polyester Twill, 35% Lurex.
  • Origin : This fabric is a French or European luxury brand end of roll. Made in France, confection made in an integration workshop in Marseille, Roubaix and Paris.
Its cut is self-sufficient, it is worn with a suit jacket, a cardigan, a Kimbo and of course with the Kimona jacket. Consider wearing a crew-neck undershirt or a turtleneck for the coldest weather. Prefer black, navy blue or a frank color that we would find in your outfit.