SEXY KOMBI Transat rose
SEXY KOMBI Transat rose

SEXY KOMBI Transat rose

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La SEXY KOMBI eco-friendly by LES RÉCUPÉRABLES, summer star, guaranteed whaou effect. Comfortable in sneakers, fatal in heels, ideal for all great moments, as a combination of wedding pants including of course!

WE love : the spring color, the shockless back and the plunging neckline for a silhouette highlighted to the end!

Like all our products, this jumpsuit is a garment made from recycled fabric thanks to luxury fabric scraps. All made in France, for an ethical and trendy upcycling!

  • Care instructions : Maximum washing at 30 ° C and inside out.
  • Composition : 100% Cotton.
  • Origin : This fabric is an end of roll of French or European luxury brand.
To break the whaou effect, wear this combination with flat shoes.

This upcycled creation makes it possible to erase around 1700 g of CO2. We explain everything to you here