A huge THANK YOU to La Poudre, a Fil d'Érable, Europe 1, Badass La Mode and FRANCE INTER for inviting us to discuss and debate.

NEW MODEL, March 2019 “Use what already exists. A Kipants by Les Récupérables, consumes 18 times less Co2 and 300 times less water than classic pants.

FRANCE INTER "Great good for you. »Retro marketing is a way of making new with old, in other words the revival of vintage. At the microphone of Antoine Ly: Anaïs Dautais Warmel, Katell Poulliquen and Nathalie Dolivo.

THE POWDER , April XNUMX “Fashion Revolution” On the occasion of the Fashion Revolution, at the microphone of Lauren Bastide, The guests Anaïs Dautais, Laura Brown, Nayla Ajaltouni and Stéphanie Calvino declare their commitment to eco-friendly fashion, in tribute to the victims of the collapse of Rana Plaza in Bangladesh.

A MAPLE GIRL, April 2018 “Nice To Hear You 12” Fashion: a diverting, amiable, recoverable poetry Confidences delivered to Anne-Charlotte Moreau.

EUROPE 1, May 2018. The Europe Evening debate - Frédéric Taddeï - Does the fashion industry make too many clothes? With for guests: Valérie FAYARD - Deputy Managing Director of Emmaüs, Anaïs DAUTAIS WARMEL - Founder Les Récupérables, Marie-Aldine GIRARD - Journalist and columnist, Nayla AJALTOUNI - Spokesperson for the Ethics on Label collective.

BADASS FASHION , March XNUMX. Understanding the concept of “consuming better fashion” Debate moderated by Charlotte Quenet. With: Laurent LE MOUEL - Director - Nelly Rodi Anaïs DAUTAIS WARMEL - Founder Les Récupérables Kamila BOUDOVA - Founder of moyomi.com , Julien BENAYOUN - Co-founder of XNUMXpact

EUROPE 1, may 2018. Les Récupérables continue their radio adventures with Raphaëlle Duchemin… Meet Anaïs alongside Yohan De Wit and Arthur Cohin with their ideas and commitments. Inspiration, freshness and enthusiasm guaranteed.