We believe in the perfect combination of a committed, elegant and upcycled fashion. Our press publications have crossed borders, from New York to Tokyo. The rebellion for an eco-friendly fashion we initiated is gaining ground.

We thank all these brilliant journalists, who put us in the spotlight: Le Monde, Vivre Paris, Le Nouvel Obs, Grazia, Causette, Elle, Madame Figaro… ..

THE ESSENTIALS, March 2019 - “Meeting with Anaïs Dautais Warmel” an article by Toinette Clément.

MARIE-FRANCE, March 2019 - “When fashion recycles” an article by Sophie Helouard.

DO IT IN PARIS, December 2018 - “The empress of upcycling and Slow Fashion, that's her” an article by Elodie Rouge.

THE WORLD, November 2018 - “Upcycling gives clothes a second life” by Elvire Von Bardeleben. “A dress made from chiné scarves, a bomber jacket created from off-cuts from workshop fabric, making something new with old 'upcycled' has never been so trendy. A stimulating eco-responsible approach for creators. "

ELLE, September 2018. Portrait of Kalpona Akter, “our Gandhi of Fashion” by Hélène Guinhunt, and the subject how to upcycle your wardrobe by Cora Delacroix and Alice Augustin. “Elle Kalpona proves that we can defend workers, that industry must rethink its entire production system, that companies that generate billions can be laid off by activists. She is the embodiment of possibilities, she is our fashion Gandhi, Anaïs DW ”

GRACE, April 2018 - "The dreamed second life of fabrics" by Caroline Hamelle. “Produce by reusing what already exists: three new and hyperactive fashion projects include this approach in their creative process. How are they doing? "

THE NEW OBS, October 2017 - “Acquit de conscience” by Elvire Emptaz. “Today, most new designers develop their concepts in an eco-responsible and ethical way. "

LIVE PARIS, September 2017 - " Les Récupérables make fashion and ethics rhyme ”an article by Héloïse N.

MANAGEMENT, July 2017 - “If we believe strongly in a project, all barriers are lifted” by Christine Halary.

TO US PARIS, May 2017 - “Ethical fashion”.

GRACE, April 2017 - "Solidarity Fashion Has Style" by Elvire Emptaz. "More and more brands are committing themselves over time to charitable projects ..."

SOLSTICE, June 2016.

CAUSETTE, January 2017 - "Ethics not toc" by Anna Cuxac. “But even with the best will in the world, dressing ethically is sometimes a Chinese puzzle. Our good addresses to strive for the best without getting discouraged ... "

MADAME FIGARO, May 2016 by Pauline Jacmart. “Textile waste is a real environmental problem. To remedy this, some brands that are still little known are taking on the challenge of creating upcycled and recycled collections. Zoom. "

WOMEN'S VERSION, April 2016 - "Unique pieces in limited series" an article by Emmanuelle D.