Various publications on the front page of the EXPRESS STYLE, Madame Figaro, Le nouvelle Obs, Télérama, Elle Japon, Les Inrocks… and many others, have been a highlight for us and our commitment.

FRANCE INTER , December XNUMX. " The second hand under the tree, the end of a taboo? By Diane Sprimont.

TO US PARIS , December XNUMX. " Born in XNUMX, overseen by the Anaïs' creativity and her fairy fingers, the young brand Les Récupérables reuse grandmother's curtains and embodies a sustainable fashion on the front of the stage. By Camille Veillard.

NEW-YORK TIMES, November 2019. " In Paris, Eco-Friendly Brands Make a Style Statement By Sophie Stuber.

PARIS MATCH, March 2019. " Vintage phenomenon: fashion green attitude »By Clémence Pouget.

FRANCE INFO , March XNUMX. "Ethical, sustainable, responsible, vegan, circular fashion: decryption with experts" by Corinne Jeammet. " Les Récupérables: Creations, in limited series, are made in integration workshop to promote French know-how »

MADAME FIGARO , February XNUMX. " Anaïs Dautais Warmel des Récupérables: the trendy Scarlett O'Hara By Violaine Schütz.

VOGUE, December 2018. " The 11 jumpsuits right on trend in winter. »Eugenie Trochu's selection.

MADAME FIGARO, May 2018. " Upcycling or the art of bringing fabrics back to life. By Pauline Jacmart.

THE NEW OBS, April 2018. " Fashion is seriously recyclingge. By Alice Tixier.

FASHION NETWORK , September XNUMX. " Bring tissue scraps back to life and open up to multi-brands. By Tanissia Issad.

SHE JAPAN, July 2018. By Jean-Pierre Montanay.

INROCKS, October 2017 " The brand that transforms scraps of fabrics into fashion pieces. »By Fleur Burlet

VOGUE ITALY, photo Marie Meister.

MADMOIZELLE.COM, April 2016. " The brand that gives granny curtains a second life. »By Élise S.