CHEMISE MAO Qui brille
CHEMISE MAO Qui brille
CHEMISE MAO Qui brille
CHEMISE MAO Qui brille
CHEMISE MAO Qui brille

MAO SHIRT That shines

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The Mao collar shirt plays chameleons. You can play with the original collar: once buttoned, it will be Mao and once unbuttoned and fully open, it will have a retro feel with its 40s collar. 

This material, extremely fluid, will have a misty fall and very pleasant to the touch.

  • Mandarin collar or retro 40s style 
  • Vintage prints
  • Puff sleeve shirt
  • Large 70s wrist
  • Cute little buttons 

Adeline, all blonde, is 1m78 tall and wears size S.

  • Interview : Prefer ventilation and pressing occasionally.
  • composition: Satin 100% Polyester.
  • Origin: This fabric is a French or European luxury brand end of roll. Made in France, confection made in an integration workshop in Marseille, Roubaix and Paris.
The shirt is from the timeless family, you will wear it with the A-line skirt by tying it at the waist, with the kool / krabe / kipants pants by tucking it casually into the belt. Its slightly puffed sleeves give it a retro feel and a pretty build.

This creation made it possible to erase around 5,6 Kg of carbon (Kg eqCO2).
The reuse of existing materials (upcycling) makes it possible to avoid the production of new materials and thus produce a CO2 removal effect. By falling for this upcycled product, you are participating in responsible fashion. We explain everything to you here !