Delicate A-line SKIRT
Delicate A-line SKIRT

Delicate A-line SKIRT

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"Mary Quant invented it, Les Recoverérables lengthened it. Flowered or plain, it's up to you" ADW
  • A-line skirt
  • With the traditional snaps
  • Mid thigh length
  • Interview : Prefer ventilation and pressing occasionally.
  • composition: 100% Cotton.
  • Origin: This fabric is a vintage curtain.
You will wear it in 1001 ways, in heels / boots / sneakers with or without tights depending on the season. Consider tall socks for a 70's look.

Choose your size, on the net, it's cotton.

So we suggest you take your measurements. Objective: 100% happy and no feedback (let's take it easy on the carbon footprints).

This way : the size guide


  • Find a measuring tape (in the drawer, call your grandmother or even buy one)
  • Go to meet your body and its measurements

Where to measure:

  • Shoulder length (just one shoulder, no zeal! From the neck to the end of the shoulder)
  • The middle (just below the collarbone)
  • The waist is the hollowest part (a little higher than your adorable navel)
  • The little hips (you know, the little bones that stick out at the top of the hips)
  • The pelvis (the widest part, yes, yes, at the buttocks)

Soon a tutorial video, I promise!