KIMBO Turquoise

KIMBO Turquoise

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Kimono-Bolero, the KIMBO by LES RÉCUPÉRABLES is a small miracle for the silhouette, which will make it essential to dress dresses, kombis and high waisted pants.

  • Short kimono jacket
  • "Tuxedo" collar
  • Vintage print 

WE love : the tuxedo collar and the short cut! The timeless style of the kimono, with the modern and chic look of a tuxedo.

Tip : to sublimate your KIMBO, wear it on a simple and plain outfit. In a dress with heels or in jeans with sneakers, this short jacket with wide sleeves will brighten up your everyday life.

Like all our products, this short kimono is a garment responsible and ethical fashion. All made in France, for a chic and trendy upcycling!

    • Interview : Apriori, nobody puts a kimono on the machine. Prefer ventilation and pressing occasionally.
    • composition: 100% Cotton.
    • Origin: This fabric is a vintage curtain mottled at the Relais.
    The Kimbo is an ally! Now you know what to wear on the dresses (exit the jackets that break the silhouette), and it works with all the suits, high waisted pants, skirts ...

    This upcycled creation makes it possible to erase around 2800 g of CO2. We explain everything to you here

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