KOMBI DANDY Nuit aztèque
KOMBI DANDY Nuit aztèque
KOMBI DANDY Nuit aztèque
KOMBI DANDY Nuit aztèque

KOMBI DANDY Nuit aztèque

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"The Kombi is the look or the comfort, the Kombi Dandy takes up the challenge" ADW - RECOVERABLE

  • Slim fit
  • Snap buttons
  • Invisible zip
  • Hollow pleats in the back

In short, this women's jumpsuit is perfect for a chic and casual look, with flat shoes or in heels!

We like: recycling scrap fabrics for ethical and trendy fashion upcycling.

    Gabrielle, all redhead, wears a size M and measures 1m84.

    • Care instructions : Prefer ventilation and pressing occasionally.
    • Composition : Jacquard 53% Cotton, 44% Polyester, 3% Elastane.
    • Origin : This fabric is a French or European luxury brand end of roll. Made in France, confection made in an integration workshop in Marseille, Roubaix and Paris.
    Its cut is self-sufficient, it is worn with a suit jacket, a cardigan, a Kimbo and of course with the Kimona jacket. Consider wearing a crew-neck undershirt or a turtleneck for the coldest weather. Prefer black, navy blue or a frank color that we would find in your outfit.

    This creation made it possible to erase approximately 21,1 Kg of carbon (Kg eqCO2). The reuse of existing materials (upcycling) makes it possible to avoid the production of new materials and thus produce a CO2 removal effect. By falling for this upcycled product, you are participating in responsible fashion. We explain everything to you here !