KROP TOP Revival
KROP TOP Revival
KROP TOP Revival

KROP TOP Revival

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With its "je ne sais quoi" on the sleeves and its unique size, the krop top is a timeless top that promises comfort and style.


  • Interview : Help protect the environment, wash less and maximum at 30 ° ...
  • composition: 100% Cotton.
  • Origin: This fabric is an end of roll from the house of Deveaux. Made in France, confection made in Capbreton, in New Aquitaine.

This creation made it possible to erase approximately 2,2 Kg of carbon (Kg eqCO2). The reuse of existing materials (upcycling) makes it possible to avoid the production of new materials and thus produce a CO2 removal effect. By falling for this upcycled product, you are participating in responsible fashion. We explain everything to you here !

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