PANTALON KOOL Aquarelle pop
PANTALON KOOL Aquarelle pop
PANTALON KOOL Aquarelle pop

KOOL PANTS Watercolor pop

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Le pants wide at the cabbage attitude. With its large graphic pockets and its volume, it draws a retro-cool silhouette! Comfortable in sneakers, cannon in heels, quickdraw in platform, it's up to you. 
  • Elastic at the back [to be able to sit down]
  • Large cuff pockets
  • Invisible zip
  • Wide cuff
  • Interview :  Help protect the environment, wash less and maximum at 30 °. Prefer ventilation when it is not stained and wash it upside down when really necessary.
  • composition: 100% Polyester.
  • Origin: End of rolls from the house of Deveaux. Made in France, confection made by an integration workshop, in a penitentiary center.
The pants match perfectly with our Krop Top but also with the Kat Top. It will go very well with a sweater tucked "way" on the front. All Bombers and Kimbo will highlight its flared cut, the photo proof!