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"Symbol of the liberation of women, we have a crush on these pants that pimp the silhouette" ADW - RECOVERABLE

  • High comfort waist (elastic waist pants in the back)
  • Large pockets
  • Cloth belt
  • Large passers-by

In short, it is the ideal clip pants for a casual outfit that will take your breath away. 

We like: the positive challenges of vintage fabrics and upcycling to create designer recycled clothing. 

Tips: these poppy red slightly baggy pants, with their relaxed hem, go perfectly with a chic patterned top or a sportswear t-shirt.

  • Interview : Be nice, wash less and max at 30 °… 
  • composition: 100% Cotton
  • Origin: Roll end
We love it with low boots, sneakers and heels! Tuck a large knitted sweater casually into the belt or opt for a kimbo (Kimono-Bolero) that will adapt perfectly to the high-waisted cut. The bodysuit obviously remains an over-validated option.

This creation made it possible to erase approximately 5,6 Kg of carbon (Kg eqCO2). The reuse of existing materials (upcycling) makes it possible to avoid the production of new materials and thus produce a CO2 removal effect. By falling for this upcycled product, you are participating in responsible fashion. We explain everything to you here !